The Fraxel re:pair laser system will offer a fractional ablative treatment utilizing a CO2 laser to produce similar effectiveness to traditional bulk ablative treatments, with less expected downtime and risks. The Fraxel re:pair nyc laser system is distinguished by its ability to ablate tissue deep within the dermis. The treatment is made-up of deep microscopic ablated zones surrounded by undamaged tissue, rather than a thin, general ablation of the entire surface like traditional CO2 lasers.

Fraxel created the technology behind fractional laser applications. By treating skin with microscopic laser columns instead of full surface tissue removal, patients can access the benefits of the gold standard in skin resurfacing – CO2 Laser – without the lengthy downtown and recovery.

Just as with standard Fraxel, the new Fraxel Re:pair leaves untreated areas around each treatment zone to accelerate healing. The big advantage of the Re:pair is the use of carbon dioxide laser beams which not only affect wrinkles and discolorations, but have the ability to tighten skin by altering the weakened collagen in the skin found in the dermis.

Faster Healing with Minimal Downtime

Healing is quick with most patients experiencing only a 3 to 5 day downtime. Following 2nd treatments, healing has proven to be even quicker. Redness lasts from 1 to 4 weeks on average, though varying levels of pinkness may last longer which can be balanced by use of a mineral makeup. With the Fraxel Re:pair there has been no scarring and no hypo-pigmentation (pigment loss) which was a problem with older laser technology.

The new Re:pair system allows area treatments without the telltale demarcation, so even having a small area around the lips means there is no “white -out” that told the world you’d had resurfacing done.

Note: Because the Fraxel Re:pair affects deep dermal tissue (this is what makes it so effective) this laser treatment cannot be performed on top of recently-placed dermal wrinkle fillers. A 2-month waiting period after fillers is required so as not to break down the filler material.

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